September 11, 2001, Attacks Remembered

Cincinnati First Anniversary Memorial

“On this day we remember those we tragically lost and we honor those who courageously risked everything to save another.

In response to the attacks on September 11, 2001, our President & CEO, Doug McDonald, with the help of businessman Carl Lindner, brought this flag to hang on the face of Union Terminal for all of Cincinnati and the world to see. This flag is our constant reminder of the heroism of our first responders and that this nation will forever stand united in the defense of freedom and liberty. #NeverForget” 

On September 11, 2001, as we were all sitting in shock, management was spending time with our security team who were on high alert realizing that in Cincinnati; Union Terminal was one of the most visible landmarks with large crowds and a relatively unregulated entrance.  

The shock began to convert to anger and then to patriotic pride. We decided we wanted to find the largest flag possible and put it on the front of Union Terminal to make a bold statement of patriotism to our community and to the world. Our team started making phone calls to find a really large flag. The largest size was 40 x 60 feet and we found just a couple in the country. We wanted to put it up the next day but there were no airplane flights allowed and thus, overnight shipping wasn’t possible.

Finally a flag was found in Northern Ohio and our team resolved that they would drive to get it taking turns driving to have the flag on Union Terminal the next day. In the end, ground transportation continued and they were able to ship it to us that night.

The total cost of the flag was a little less than $2,500. I mentioned to a staff person that I was going to call Carl Lindner and ask him if he would be willing to underwrite the cost. I received a response that this wasn’t a big enough amount to bother Mr. Lindner and Cincinnati Museum Center could certainly pay for the flag from our budget. I explained that sometimes you give people the honor of making a gift, it isn’t always about need.  Mr. Lindner instantly said he would be honored to pay for the flag and I suspect he was proud each time he saw it as well.

These photos were taken at the Cincinnati Community Day of Remembrance ceremony on September 11, 2002. The museums were all opened the public for free that day as the two large hook and ladder trucks were positioned in front of Union Terminal with our large US flag suspended between them.

Today this flag hangs in the Cincinnati Union Terminal Rotunda and has instilled the spirit of freedom and the love of America to millions of people who have seen it since that day13-years ago. (Published 2014)

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