NGO Leadership for a New Era

With decades of experience in senior leadership, finance, technology, and project management, our team has the experience to help take your organization to the next level.
With decades of leadership in large non-profits and Fortune 50 companies, the NGOgro team knows how to get the best out of your team now and how to develop them to face the challenges of the future.
The NGOgro team has specialized knowledge in operations, leadership development, finance, and capacity building. With our certified project management team, the NGOgro team can ensure a successful project.

Strategic Planning

From capital planning to growing an endowment, we can help you lay the groundwork for future success.

Capacity Building

Let us help you build and develop your team to face the challenges of the future.


We can not only help make your fundraisers more successful, but we can build out the system to make ensure long-term excellence.

Web and Digital

From digital strategy to web implementation, we can help tell your NGO's story on new platforms.

Data Services

Let our knowledge of business analytics drive your NGO to new heights.

Museum Planning

We've planned museum refurbishments and enhancements to delight constituents and drive bottom line results.