Failure of NGOs – Museums – Organizations:

Failure of NGOs – Museums – Organizations: While insolvency is rare in the NGO sector, the failure to achieve an organization’s full potential runs rampant.

Consider the meetings which consume your week: When a meeting is completed, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Were people prepared for the meeting?
  • Was the basis for making the decisions fully vetted facts or personal opinions?
  • What firm decisions were made?
  • Could these decisions have been made without the meeting?
  • What single person is responsible to execute the decisions?
  • Were specific dates set for next steps?
  • What are the expected results of these decisions?

Meetings are to move an organization forward, how was your organization advanced by the last meeting.

Organizations, especially NGOs/nonprofits are filled with creative and charismatic “idea people.” We like them and boards like them!

However, ideas which never manifest themselves within our organizations nor achieve their full potential are exciting to consider, but worthless to those we serve.

Opinion, charm and wit are wonderful at dinner but they are not the substance of organizational achievement.

Project management and accountability structures used by the business sector are marginalized in NGOs/nonprofits.  They should be embraced by management and demanded by boards.

How do you perform as a project manager? Effectiveness quiz

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